More Accurate than GPS Trackers | Works Inside & Outside | Lightweight

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About Tabcat

  • Tabcat uses Radio Frequency based technology which doesn’t constantly transmit harmful signals and is much more accurate than GPS

  • The directional handset guides you to the Homing Tag on your cat’s collar using audio and visual cues, with lights turning from red, amber and then green the closer you get.

  • Tabcat ranges up to 500ft based on a clear line of sight, and is designed to find wherever your cat may be hiding, in the house, neighbouring gardens, streets, in a garage or even stuck up a tree. Working both indoors as well as out.

  • Tabcat is a one-off payment so there’s no subscription fees or Sim cards needed.

  • You can train your cat to come home on demand as each Tag that attaches to your cats collar has a unique beep when locating/searching for your cat. The more familiar your cat becomes with these beeps, he or she will know that they’re being called for, especially if you associate it with treats.

  • The Tags are small & lightweight, weighing only 5 grams and are provided with splash-proof cases which helps protect against the elements such as water, knocks and bumps.

  • Tabcat is reliable and trusted by 10,000’s of pet owners to help locate their adventurous cats or curious kittens.

  • Tabcat also comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee, 2 Years Manufacturer’s Warranty and After-Sales Support