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Where can I purchase Tabcat?

Currently, Tabcat products are only available online and via online 3rd party suppliers. Tabcat is not available in high street and retail stores. We recommend only using a trusted 3rd party supplier or buying directly from us (this official website). All Tabcat purchasers’ have ongoing customer support, 30 Day Money Back guarantee and a 2 year manufacturer warranty.

What’s the difference between Tabcat and Loc8tor?

The Loc8tor and the Tabcat are exactly the same product. The only difference between the two is that the Tabcat Pack comes with protective cases to help attach the tags to your cats collar and the Loc8tor Lite doesn’t, it includes adhesive strips and keyring cords to help attach them to your belongings.

Does Tabcat work abroad?

Yes, Tabcat uses the same technology as Loc8tor, both of which use the 2.45GHz frequency band which can be used worldwide.

Why is Tabcat better than a GPS tracker? Isn’t GPS the latest technology?

In short we’ve always thought Tabcat is better than GPS for a variety of reasons. For example it’s much lighter, it’s more accurate, it works indoors and out… We’ve listed the differences here: Tabcat (RF) or GPS?

I’m worried that the Tag might be too heavy for my Cat.

The Tabcat Homing Tag weighs just 6 grams. It is one the lightest options on the market today and much much lighter than GPS trackers than can weigh up to 60 + grams.

What is the size of the homing tag that fits on my Cats collar?

The Circular/ Disc shaped Tag is 3.2cm x 3.2cm x 0.5cm.  It really is small, light and unintrusive. Please click here to put these measurements into perspective. Perfectly Sized Homing Tag

What is your delivery policy?

We currently offer priority and standard delivery to almost anywhere in the world. Please check if we deliver to you on our checkout page. Orders must be received by 15:00 GMT, Monday to Friday, otherwise they will be shipped the next business day. Full delivery information can be found here

How can I track my order?

As we use different couriers for different locations you can email us on sales@mytabcat.com and we will provide you with a tracking number, if available.

I have just received my package in the post – where do I start?

Firstly, remove the Tabcat from its protective packaging and familiarise yourself with the instruction manual, the rest of the contents and the handset. The 4 buttons on the face of the device are the locating buttons to which you can register up to 4 homing tags – 2 are included in the Tabcat pack. The button on the left hand side is the volume control. There are 3 settings; mute, low and high. The button on the right hand side is the on/off switch. Please note that the device will switch off automatically if inactive for 45 seconds. We recommend leaving the clear protective seal on your Homing Tags so that you can test and trial Tabcat under your 30 day money back guarantee.

For a visual demonstration please watch our video – Setting Up Your Tabcat

Can I download Tabcat Product user manual?

Yes, click here for the user manual for the Tabcat.  We recommend you read this before setting up your device.

What is the difference between the handset and the tag?

The handset is a credit-card sized device that you hold which sends a signal to the Tag. The tag is a small disc-shaped item that is placed on your cat’s collar. You can view the exact sizes if the handset/tag here

How do I attach the tag to my cat’s collar?

Making sure you’ve registered the tag to the handset first, insert the tag into one of the slits in the silicon case. Now you can thread the cats’ collar through both slits on the silicone case to attach. You can now put the collar on your cat and you’re ready to go!

Will tags owned by other people affect my Tabcat handset?

No. Each tag is uniquely registered to your handset during a simple set up process. It is then not possible for other handsets to track your tags or for other tags to be picked up by the signal from your handset.

How do you register a tag to a handset?

How do you register a tag to a handset?
Place the tag you wish to register within arm’s length of the handset and ensure it is the only active tag in close proximity to the handset. Ensure the plastic strip has been removed to activate the battery and that the case is clipped shut. To register the tag to button 1, hold button 1 down for three seconds or until you hear a beep. Repeat registration process for any other tags with the other available buttons.
For a visual demonstration please watch our video – Registering a Tag

What is the difference between unregistering and deleting?

Unregistering a Tag allows you to remove the Tag from the Handset safely. You may unregister a Tag because it is no longer in use, to register it to another button or to put it on to another handset.
Deleting a Tag should only be actioned if the Tag is lost, stolen, broken or for troubleshooting. When you delete a Tag from the handset you risk not being able to use it again. If you are unsure please call our Customer Service Team on +44 (0) 208 207 0880 for further guidance.

How do you Un-register a tag from a handset?

Press the right hand side button to switch on your Tabcat – the red status light will flash. Press the left hand side (volume) button and simultaneously press button 1. Hold both buttons down for three seconds or until you hear a beep. Then release both buttons. After a few moments the Tag and handset will beep again to confirm the un-registration process has been successful. This will un-register the tag paired with button 1 and allow you to register the tag to a different button or handset. Repeat this process holding down the left hand side button and button 2 to un-register tag associated with button 2. Repeat as necessary for buttons 3 and 4.

I’m having problems registering a tag?

If you have any problem registering the tag to the handset, open the tag as per the instruction manual and close the tag again. The tag will beep. Now try registration again.

My tag isn’t working or the Handset isn’t recognising my Tag – what should I do?

Firstly, open your tag, re-insert the battery, and then close the tag, making sure that the writing on the battery is facing up. Sometimes batteries become dislodged inside the tag if not firmly clipped in place. If you still do not get any noise from your tag, it is most likely the battery will need to be changed.
If you do hear one beep, this means that tag has already been registered. This will either be to the existing handset or an old handset (it can only be registered to one handset at a time).
If you hear 2 beeps, this means the tag is unregistered and you should register your tag again. Check the tag has been deleted from the button it was registered to on the Handset and then register it back to that button again.

Why is my Tag Randomly Beeping?

Random beeps could be a few different things. The most common is that the Tag isn’t firmly clipped shut all the way round. If you check and it looks as though it is firmly shut, it may be that the battery life is coming to an end so changing the battery should solve the issue. When re-closing the tag make sure that the 2 small lanyard holes at the top of the tag are aligned to ensure a correct and tight fit.

If I have a new handset, will my old tags work?

Yes. However, the old tags must be deregistered from the old handset. If you are unable to deregister the tags because the handset is lost or broken, these Tags can’t be used on a different handset.

If I purchase new tags, will they work on my old handset?

In short, yes. However, there will need to be an empty slot on your handset i.e. if you had all 4 tags registered to your old handset, at least one of those tags must be deleted or unregistered to make space for your new tag.

I already have a handset. Can I just purchase additional homing tags?

Yes you can. Additional homing tags can be purchased separately on our shop page. Please note you can only register 4 tags to one handset.

What batteries does the Tabcat use?

Both the Tabcat tag and the Tabcat handset uses 1 x CR2032. They are currently out of stock on our website but can be purchased from most supermarkets or stores that would sell batteries. If you are still using our old, discontinued lozenge shaped tag, you will require 2 x SR54 batteries in each tag.

How do you change the batteries in a tag?

Remove rubber bang going around tag, if present. At the top end of each tag there is a hole which you can thread a lanyard through. At the opposite end there a small space you can insert the tag opening tool (included in pack) or use your fingernails. Insert into space and if using the opening tool, twist and the tag will pop open. Replace with CR2032 battery keeping plus side face up. Replace the lid by lining up the lanyard hole and pressing shut ensuring the Tag is securely clipped shut all the way round.

How often shall I replace my batteries?

Many of our customers experience up to 1 year of battery life. However, battery life does depend on usage. We recommend changing the batteries every 4 months if using less frequently or every 2 months if using daily. We would also recommend having spares in case you need to replace them in a hurry
You will also know when batteries are running low when you hear random beeps coming from your homing tag.

Do you still sell lozenge shaped tags?

The lozenge shaped tags have been discontinued and have been replaced by disc-shaped tags. The disc-shaped tags are still compatible with your old handset, providing there is space on your handset for them to be registered to. Please note that the lozenge shaped tags require SR54 batteries.

Will Tabcat interfere with microchips or cat flaps?

No, the signal in our Tabcat product will not interfere with a cat flap that has been paired with your cats’ microchip.

How do I train my cat to come home?

When you press the registered button on the handset, the tag on your cat’s collar will make a little beep which helps the cat understand it is time to come home. We recommend to initially train your cat whilst at home and so that he/she can associate the beep with food or a treat. It is also worth noting that all 4 buttons will make a slightly different beeping noise on the tag. Training your cat may take a little time but we’ve had many customers tell us it works allowing them to just press the button on the handset from the comfort of an armchair and waiting for their cat to arrive on demand.

Can I use Tabcat for any other pets?

Whilst Tabcat is primarily aimed at Cats, we’ve had customers that have also used it for their Tortoise, rabbit and even some small dogs.

Can I return my Tabcat if it’s not right for me?

Your satisfaction is very important to us so Tabcat comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. All you have to do is:
1) Contact the Customer Satisfaction Team on sales@mytabcat.com,
2) Complete the product Returns Form
3) Return the form and the product in its original condition and packaging to Loc8tor, Octagon House, The Ridgeway, London, NW7 1RL, UK.
We’d recommend that you send it “signed for” as we can’t be responsible for items lost in the post.
For more details please download our Returns Form now.

What is Tabcat’s WEEE policy?

Tabcat is a responsible re-seller and will take back your old product when you purchase a new one. We would ask you to contact us at sales@mytabcat.com so we can provide you a free of charge a return envelope for your product so we can recycle your old product accordingly. This is in accordance with WEEE (The Waste and Electrical Equipment Directive).



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