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How to find your lost or missing cat

missing cat

When your cat goes missing, it can be a very stressful time.  Not only are you distressed that you cannot find your cat but your cat may also be worried that they cannot find you.  All of your focus quickly shifts towards finding your cat and reuniting him or her back with the family.

So what should you do?  Well, there are a number of pet finding services available.  One of these is Animal Search UK; a website in which you can visit to see if someone has handed in your lost pet – you can also report any lost pets you find and bring someone else some happiness if they are going through the same motions as you are.  Animal Search UK also work with our designated charity, Cats Protection, which strive to rescue unwanted cats and educate people about how to look after their cat.

You could report your loss to your local animal centre and see if someone has handed it in.  They will take your details and see if it matches any of the information they have taken from others that have handed in lost pets.  Alternatively, you could also report your loss to your local vet.  It is worth exploring all local businesses/premises that house cats just in case they have been handed in.

Another pet-finding service is ‘Find my VIP’ via Petsathome.  They have gone down the social route of giving everyone the option to register a numbered tag on their pet.  The tag essentially is a unique 8-digit number that is tied to your cat’s collar, dog or another type of pet, and when your pet goes missing and is found somewhere, the finder can make a call and report it straight away.  Alerts can also be sent to your phone which makes it really useful.

In theory, this can work really well but it is not a failsafe way to find your pet – it relies on other people helping and independently looking for your missing pet which may not always happen, especially if your pet wanders off to a desolate area that no person would think to look in.   The ability to track your cat yourself is therefore extremely important which is why we recommend you invest in a Tabcat cat tracker.  This will mean you can track your cat to its exact location by using your handset to aid you in which direction to go.  Cats tend not to stray too far either so by walking around your local neighbourhood with your tracker you will eventually find a signal and be able to track your cat to within 2.5 centimetres.

So don’t wait for your cat to go missing and hope that someone else will do a good deed.  Purchase a Tabcat and give yourself that peace of mind when your cat does decide to go off and do some exploring.

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