More Accurate than GPS Trackers | Works Inside & Outside | Lightweight

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About Tabcat

Tabcat is the UK’s #1 cat tracking device ideal for helping you find your cat or kitten.  You simply place a lightweight tag on your cat’s collar, press a button on your handset and you can locate your cat using audio and visual cues.

Find your cat easily

Cats often like to roam around and discover new places but they never stray too far.  That is why our Tabcat cat tracker is perfect.  With a range of 120 metres and with accuracy as close as 2.5cm, Tabcat will help you find your cats location.  You can even train them to run home as soon as you set off the beep.

Interested in a Tabcat?

Visit our Tabcat shop now and see what products we have available.  If you have 1 cat we recommend the Tabcat Pack.  Alteratively, if you have a larger cat family you may opt for the Tabcat Bundle which has additional tags and cases.

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Customer Testimonials

If you dont want to lose your cat, buy it. I would've lost my beloved cats god knows how many times already if I never had this awesome device. Works like a charm.


Great product and great customer service. Attaches nicely to their collars and although looks a little big doesn't seem to bother them. It would be better a little smaller although I know the size is needed to house the battery. Really does works a treat.


Having my cats covered by a Tabcat gives me the total peace of mind that I will always be able to find them. The ordering and delivery process was excellent and quick.