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Tabcat cat Tracker – Is it really Perfectly Sized?

Handset and tags only

The Tabcat cat tracker is an award-winning cat tracking device that has sold 10,000+ units across the world, helping owners locate their beloved cats quickly and with little stress.

Our customer services team are always on hand to help, and questions are often around the registration process, setting up the tags and fixing it to their cat’s collar.

But the question we always get asked is “How big really is the Tabcat” and “Is it the perfect size”?   So, here are the facts plus answers to other similar questions such as “How much does the Tabcat weigh” and “How it all works”.

What does the Tabcat consist of?

Before we see how big the tag is, or how much it weighs, we must first define what elements make up the Tabcat;

  • The handset – The credit-card sized device that enables location.
  • The tag – Placed on the cat’s collar
  • The Protective case – The tag slides into the case and then the cat’s collar is looped through. The silicone cases came in 4 colours; charcoal, green, turquoise and clear.

How does it work?

The Tabcat is very simple really.  The handset works with directional technology so when your cat goes off for a wander, visual and audio cues make it possible to track your cat to within 2.5cm of its location.  The owner simply activates the handset by pressing one of the 4 buttons the tag is registered to and if the tag is in range, a series of lights will appear and make noise on the handset whilst a little beep will go off on your cat at the same time.  Red lights mean you are in range but not all that close, amber means you are near and green means your cat is just metres away, even if it still hiding from plain sight!  The louder the sound, the closer the owner is to their cat!

 The Size of the Tabcat

Tabcat size

Tabcat vs Consumables

Let’s see how this compares vs other similarly sized everyday items…

tabcat vs consumables

The weight of the Tabcat

Whilst a few of these are much tastier than the Tabcat tag (!), there are not too many differences in the weight.  Even though the recommended weight for a cat tag is less than 20 grams, the Tabcat tag weighs as little as 6 grams making it exceptionally comfortable for your cat.

Tabcat Batteries

Both the Tabcat tag and the handset are compatible with CR2032 batteries.  These can be easily removed and then re-inserted into both the tag and the handset or when the battery finally runs out of juice.

So whether you want to purchase a tag to compare it to your own favourite confectionery or you simply need a Tabcat to keep track of your cat, visit our online Tabcat shop and you will find a very small and comfortable product purrfect for helping you find your cat.

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*Please note the images in this article are not sized to scale – centimetres (cm) have been provided instead to give you an idea of scale.

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