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How to set up your handset and tags

Welcome to Tabcat, the revolutionary tracking device for pets. Attaching easily to your cat’s collar, the device is lightweight yet robust enough to stay on whatever they get up to. With an astonishing degree of accuracy, it will guide you to your cat’s exact location. The Tabcat tracker is more effective and affordable than GPS or other similar systems.

This article will show you how to; set up the handset and tags.

Firstly, remove the Tabcat from its protective packaging and familiarise yourself with the instruction manual and the rest of the contents.


Next, familiarise yourself with the handset. The button on the left-hand side is the volume control. There are three settings; low, high and mute. The button on the right-hand side is the on / off switch. Please note that the device will switch off automatically if inactive for 45 seconds. The four buttons on the face of the device are the Locating buttons to which you will register your tags. Now turn the handset over and you’ll see a white plastic strip sticking out of the battery cover. Holding on tightly to the handset, carefully pull out the tag. You’ll hear a beep when the handset is live.


Next, remove the first tag from the box. You are now ready to register a tag to the handset.

Remove the white plastic strip sticking out of the back of the handset. This will activate the battery – another beep will be heard from the battery when it is life. Next, place the tag you wish to register within 20 cm of the handset. Make sure that it is the only active tag close to the handset. To ensure this, cup your right hand around the handset whilst the tag rests on it.


To register the tag to button 1, hold button 1 down for three seconds until you hear a high-pitched beep. When this beep is heard release the button but keep the tag and the handset together until you hear a long high pitched beep. This means the registration was successful. If, instead you hear a low beep, the registration was unsuccessful. If the registration was unsuccessful, try again and if it still won’t register, head to the FAQ page on our website! Repeat the registration process for any other tags with the other available buttons (2 to 4).

You are now ready to fix the tag to the cat’s collar.

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