So far every time I was looking for my little thug Chouchou which of course prefer to wander among the neighbours, although it is neutered, neighbours entertainment me cry every 4 hours to try to make it go home or at least spot where he was ... out of respect for my neighbours, who although they are all nice and patients sometimes get tired of hearing me ... I found the solution and it's  TabCat - it makes my life and especially my little household heart and my blood pressure ... because that way I can spot it quickly enough to the extent that it does not lose its collar, it happened twice, and fortunately I found, until I put him second emergency beacon pending and have secured a little over his anti-choke collar by doubling with elastic so it does not choke but not lose the not too easy either. TabCat thank you ... I hope now you will quickly develop a sufficiently small and light GPS tracker to put around the necks of cats.

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