4 cats in Georgia

I have 4 cats, each with a tracker and the splashproof cover.  My 15 pound male cat is really the only one that I ever need the tracker for. He knows more people in my 5 street neighbourhood than I do. He loves to go inside their houses and let them feed him.  He visits different people on a regular basis. I am so glad (and I mean SO glad) that I finally invested in TabCat. (I considered it for at least 3 years before buying)  I used to wander around the neighbourhood calling and calling him. Now I just turn on the tracker and I usually have no trouble finding him, even when he's not in his regular place. I've found him under two separate houses  and down an alleyway that I never thought to look. But most importantly, my neighbours who love him, have been taking him inside their houses (with the doors closed). It is extremely aggravating to be searching for him (especially in winter) each evening and he's inside someone's house. Well you can imagine how they felt when I knock on the door because the tracker is picking him up. It is harder to detect when he is inside a house, but I do get a weak signal with one or two signal lights (there's about 6 or so the closer you get to the tag). At first I thought it was an error, but when I would move away from the house the lights would disappear. When they open the door the beep and the lights would become really strong.  Three separate neighbours I had to speak to about taking him in.  I don't think I could live without this tracker now that I've used it. Just knowing that I have a way to find them all has given me such peace of mind, and I can't put a price on that. For me it has been definitely worth the money.

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