Bertie the cat Testimonial

Bertie was wearing his tracker when he went missing one day last summer, he is a city cat and lives indoors with his Sister Belle in the big smoke. For most of the year. But each summer we move to the Sussex country side in the middle of no where for 8 weeks where they are safe from traffic, so they play and roam outdoors.

One afternoon while in the garden we had heard a huge commotion, dogs chasing and barking in the adjacent woodland, and thinking nothing of it until it was dusk and time to get Bertie in for the evening.

We called and called and although we had trained him to come back with whistling, which worked 99% of the time, there was no sign, my 6 year old son started to become tearful so with the aid of the locator we started to search.

At first we could not pick up even a signal, but when we got into the woodland we knew we were getting closer with each beep. We managed after some time to track and located Bertie’s collar in the middle of the woods, but no Bertie.

After looking around the immediate area for quite some time, in bushes, brambles and even in holes, as concerned he was maybe chased and may have been injured, or was possibly hiding from the dogs we heard earlier that afternoon. Then considering he is a Siberian Forest Cat we decided to start looking up not the canopy of the trees near where his collar lay.

And there he was a few yards away about over 60 foot up on a single stemmed tree perched uncomfortably in the v of the first branch, it was a tiny space and he is a huge cat. No coaxing, calling or whistling could convince him to descend the 60 foot drop and with no branches below him to ease his route he was sadly there for the night. Poor Bertie scared, hungry and very uncomfortable. The following morning we persuade a local tree surgeon to scale the tree to rescue him, he was unhurt and very calm and oh so grateful.

It could have been a very different story, as poor Bertie have no meow (he has a silent one) so without the TabCat locator we may never have found him and the consequences don't bare thinking about. Thank you , thank you, neither cat are very good without their locator for a moment outdoors. The most precious thing you can buy to protect your precious kitties.

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