We have been using the loc8tor for almost 2 years now and we learned our cat to come when the peep of her transmitter is activated. We gave her  cat candy since she was small whenever the transmitter was peeping and as she likes the cat candy a lot she always to home when it activated.

At a certain moment she disappeared and after a 1 hour search with the loc8tor we found her back and she turned out to be caught is a trap in the neighbourhood. If she did not have the transmitter we would never have found her.

The owner of this trap was not amused when we knocked on his door and was so surprised about this that he had no good excuse why he was using the trap. After that the police paid the man a visit  for catching and killing animals with it  and ordered to remove the trap immediate As may cats had been disappearing in the past we now had evidence against this person and from then on no cat disappeared any more.

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