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Bob G

Bert has a tendency to explore the neighbouring houses and sheds up and down our road and on occasion has managed to get himself shut inside, sometimes for days before being found. We looked at various options for tracking him and ruled out GPS trackers because of their size, short battery life and limited use indoors. We took our chances on a Tabcat and are happy to say it has proved very successful.

Due to the geographic layout of our area, the quoted range is a little optimistic, however we know Bert's usual exploring range and on the occasions we've had to use it, it's not been more that a short walk of about 100m before we get a signal and when we do, finding him has been quick and easy. He now appears to recognise when his collar pings and we often hear him as we get close. We're very happy that we made the right decision and would certainly recommend a Tabcat for someone in a similar circumstance.

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