Carole’s Story

Joey is about 3 or so (he was a stray so not certain of his age) and is the most endearing little chap, and he does like 'the great outdoors'.  He does also like snuggling up at home on my office chair or on my pillow if I am in bed, but he loves to be out.  I have a little 'cat kennel' which he likes to go out and lie in when it rains, and on sunny days he wanders far and wide, over the field behind my house and over the waste ground near my house, which at the moment is 'jungle-like', as well as in other people's back gardens.

In the periods when he does manage to keep his collar on, the Loc8tor is absolutely wonderful as when I can get a signal, he usually reacts to his homing tag beeping within a few minutes as it promises food at the end of it.  He lost his collar last night, with the new homing tag on and I was distraught that I wouldn't be able to track him, and wandered out beeping with the second one which I had registered to put on him (in case he reacted to the beeping of it) - he came in eventually at 4am - and I attached the new collar and homing tag immediately.   I think he yawns so much (see picture) because of all the roaming that he does!  I'm feeling that way too, today, after being up most of the night!

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