More Accurate than GPS Trackers | Works Inside & Outside | Lightweight


Caroline C

I was worried I wouldn't find my sweet ginger girl if something scared her on her daytime adventures.  I have tried a few GPS trackers, but they don't locate items immediately (seen yesterday...) and are very vague.

The other afternoon it got dark suddenly  outside and Missy hadn't come home yet, it started pouring with rain, thunder and the sky was pitch black.  I knew Missy would be terrified and hiding , or stuck somewhere.

I grabbed the Tabcat handset and walked around the neighbourhood.  It didn't take long to see the 1st green light flashing. She was hiding safely under a neighbour's house, (across a wide road and down 4 houses).  I was shocked to find her so quickly in loud pouring rain.

What a brilliant investment!

Buying the handset with 2 tags is the best idea, as I just put one on my mischievous climbing kitten Gemma.

The tag is VERY light and the cat & kitten are not fussed at all.  They can safely have day time adventures and always be found.

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