Daisy the cat

Daisy is a rescue kitten who has been adopted with her two brothers. During their earliest days outside, I used to frequently call them home to ensure they didn't wander too far and familiarise them with their routes home from wherever they were.

On one such occasion, Daisy didn't return and so I tried  to pick up a tracker signal from which to begin my search.

Sure enough, I got a beep from my parents' garden next door and discovered Daisy stuck up their neighbour's tree, miaowing with a pitiful squeak!

One of the joys of cats' first days of freedom is that they can scale trees but have absolutely no idea of how to get down again!

It reminded me of my previous girl who likewise on her first days out, also got stuck up a 30ft conifer and we only found her by using the Loc@tor tracker (the predecessor to Tabcat).

Daisy has now perfected her tree dismounting skills but it doesn't stop her finding herself trapped in my parents' garage or home...unbeknown to them!

At least we know how to find her when she doesn't come home though!

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