Dexter the cat

Dexter is one of my three rescue kittens adopted from the same litter with his brother and sister.

Originally, I only adopted Dex and his sister Daisy and prior to allowing them outside, they wore their collars and trackers indoors so that I could train them to come to me with the temptation of Dreamie treats!

This came in particularly handy when they disappeared indoors. By using their tracker remotes, I was directed to a kitchen cupboard.

I looked inside but could see no sign of them!... On closer inspection, I noticed the height of the backboard to the cupboard fell 4 inches short.

Dex and Daisy had disappeared behind this board in a gap between the outer wall of the house!

The gap was too small to reach in and grab them back and I would have had to destroy the unit to get them out.

The quickest and simplest way to get them back was to call them on their tracker remotes with a Dreamie treat reward! It worked a treat...excuse the pun!


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