Ever since I got the Loc8tor, my life has become very easy

I have been using your product for around 4 years now and it has made my life a lot easier. Richest is a cat who refuses to stay in the house. I live in a community of rowhouses that are connected to each other and she lives to disappear in false ceilings and knows her way around all the secret passages that exist in the rooftops. It always used to be a problem locating her and she would disappear for a few days sometimes only to turn up suddenly out of nowhere.

Ever since I got the Loc8tor, my life has become very easy. I can pinpoint her exact location and now she knows that when her collar beeps, Papa is looking for her and she comes home! I have 8 other cats and have a tag on all of them, but none of the others wander about like Richest. It is a must have for any cat owner and beats all other similar products on the market.

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