From lost kitten to butterball

Sylvester has a backstory from lost kitten in the alley behind our home, to 17 lb butterball with at least, 3 names (Oreo?), 6 homes, and a legion of benefactors throughout the neighbourhood. 2 1/2 years ago he laid claim to our home, and our hearts.  Between his morning breakfast visits to his extended families and nightly hunts( no shortage of rodent meat for his friends). "Vess" will always be an alley cat at heart, roaming and hunting in a dangerous urban environment. I use the Tabcat along with a GPS locator to check on his whereabouts frequently. Sylvester does not prowl in the open so his GPS signal is often blocked by obstructions. (Once, I had to use the Tabcat to find the GPS when he slipped his collar in the underbrush) Even a poor GPS signal gets me well within Tabcats range. Sylvester is not food motivated (he eats everywhere he goes), but enjoys walking by my side through the neighbourhood. When he hears the beep on his collar, he knows I'm outdoors, follows the louder beep of the handset to my location, then walks home with me. I'm not comfortable trespassing on private property, so I just stand still and watch the led's light as he gets closer. The Tabcat is great for the special circumstances of cat tracking, and it makes a good cat caller as well.

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