I got my first Bengal/Maine Coon just over 2 years ago

I got my first Bengal/Maine Coon just over 2 years ago and realised that she was a 'wanderer' so purchased a Loc8tor.   Unfortunately she wandered quite a distance over fields and I could rarely locate her - and just after her first birthday, having not seen her for 24 hours, became very concerned so drove around the local roads and eventually found her body - almost 1 mile away from home.  Although devastated, I got a new full Bengal and immediately 'tagged' her and, despite trying to keep her in, found that she, too, liked a 'walk about' but luckily ONLY around the local gardens and accompanying me on walks with the dog (yes, loony animal woman) around the close-by fields.  On those occasions she has been out for too long, I walk around the village 'beeping' her and get a tremendous amount of relief when the hand-set responds, which is normally followed by her jumping out of a garden telling me she is there.  I have even found her collars when she has managed to lose them in neighbours' gardens by 'beeping'!   I also take her (and dog) away in my camper van and know that as soon as I press the hand-set she returns from where she has been.   Unfortunately, I left my first hand-set out in the rain and had to purchase a new one (my fault entirely) and a few months later had a slight problem with the battery compartment and so contacted the company about a replacement.   The replacement arrived the next day and, Sod's Law, the 'problematic' hand-set started working again but I was told to keep the replacement until I was 100% sure that other one continued working.   Now, almost a month later with the problematic set STILL working, have contacted the company to pay for the replacement (I decided to keep a spare one in case she loses her collars again) have been told 'not to worry'.  What a wonderful service - and such a rarity to find such understanding.  Thank you for everything - knowing that I can beep the set through my window and the cat arrives on the roof to be let in within a short period of time is wonderful.  Thanks.

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