Jack and Smokey

Last winter, Jack, long-haired black silky hair,  was missing for 6 nights.....and it was COLD.  He finally showed up, so I started looking for a tracker.  I put a tag on him and have been able to find him every time he doesn't come when called.  Then, last week, Smokey disappeared.....and now it is HOT.    We searched everywhere within a two block perimeter of our house......nothing!  Then after 4 days, he came home and was VERY sick.  I immediately put a tag on him.  (He did go to the doctor and is OK now.)    I have found him twice now, once behind our garage and another time in a neighbour's back yard.  I just received 2 more tags and am putting them on my other cats.  I tell everyone I see about this amazing product.  Thank you so much!

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