John W

We have a Siamese kitten, Maddie - well she is 8months old now - who loves exploring our neighbours' gardens and because we lost a kitten last year (we never found out what happened to her) we were anxious when she left the house. We looked at the many tracking devices on the market but yours sounded ideal. I didn't want a bulky device as she is very small, nor did I want to pay monthly fees.  We received the kit and I fitted the tag to her collar. In an ideal world it would be 20% smaller but hopefully she will grow some more and it will be more proportionate in size. I practised with the system first of all by sending my wife off with a tag to hide somewhere, and I tracked her down easily! So, off went Maddie on her usual adventures, and when it was time to get her back in, I used the handset and I was impressed with how quickly I could tell more or less where she was. Using the lights and the sound I pinpointed her exact location very quickly - the red flashing light on the tag was surprisingly visible - and that has been the case every time I have used the Loc8tor. I was a little unsure about the range but so far that hasn't been an issue at all. And although we have done very little training with Maddie by rewarding her, she has quickly learned that when I press the button, and her tag responds, I am looking for her and she makes herself visible and comes to me. I am also reassured that if she accidentally became locked in a shed in a neighbouring garden ( a real possibility because she is very nosy) I would be able to find her. Overall I am really impressed and so far have not found any negative aspect to this product. Thank you for providing such a good solution and easing our anxiety over her whereabouts

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