Justin’s Story

I can’t thank Loc8tor enough for inventing this great cat finder. My lovely Jessie has been saved by it several times, including once when she managed to get stuck underneath the floorboards in my house. I wasn’t aware of it, but there’s a huge hole in the back of my under-stairs closet, and somehow Jessie managed to get in, and under the floorboards, and couldn’t get out! After not seeing her for over a day but hearing feint meowing all over the place, I started to get quite frantic, but remembered that I had only a few days previously bought and attached to her collar the Loc8tor Pet tag.

After getting to grips with how it works, the handset was getting the strongest reading in the kitchen when pointing the black credit card shaped unit at the floor?!? How could this be? Anyway, to cut a long story short, I decided in order to put my mind at rest that I would lift up some of the floorboards. The Loc8tor didn’t lie – there she was under the third floorboard I removed, all covered in cobwebs and bits of sawdust and other muck and dirt. I’ve never seen her so happy to see me! Suffice it to say that she hasn’t ventured under the house since, but I now have complete confidence in my Loc8tor, knowing that it should be able to point me in the right direction to find her – even if it does mean destroying half my kitchen in the process. Well done, and here is a smudge of her proudly wearing her life-saving Loc8tor for your blog!

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