Marvin, Max and Tucker

Thank you Loc8tor! We have been using this product for over 5 years and it has saved the lives of two of our cats. The first cat, Marvin, had a bad habit of getting himself locked into neighbor's garages. One garage he particularly liked was only opened once a week to pull out the lawnmower and gardening tools. On three separate occasions, Loc8tor tracked down Marvin and allowed me to rescue him (The neighbour was amazed that I could do this!) The second cat, Tucker, once got himself stuck in a house that was due to be demolished the next day. Loc8tor tracked Tucker down and after smashing down the door, I was able to retrieve him before disaster. The third, Max, just likes staying out past curfew and Loc8tor lets me find him and bring him in. There are more but these are good examples.

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