I love this product, I have been using for four years now.

Our story begins with our cat Nose an inside outside male American Shorthair and at 13 years old he had a new chapter in his life write. You see we were selling our house in California and Moving to Thailand. All was going well until I found I had bladder cancer, but we all pushed on.

The house sold very quickly and so did went my surgeries. Now we needed a temporary house so we flew with Nose in our lap all the way cross country to Cape Cod. Then spent a month driving back back cross country.

Tab cat made us feel so much safer in case he got out, also helped us find him hidden in spots in the motorhome we would have never looked.

Fast forward I am cancer free, Nose made it to Thailand and had 4 great years hear, he passed away on our property we call kitty paradise.

However we now have Milo, Bella, and Luna three beautiful Scottish folds living with us in Chiang Mai Thailand They all have tab cats, and Bella is  Pregnant with Milo so we will need go order at least four more.

Thanks again !

I don't know what would do without Tab Cat, with a lot of the boxes still packed and building a house and turning 5 acres from jungle to Paradise many crazy missing cat moments and never lost a cat.

We love you guys !


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