Not-so-streetwise Toby

We are so please with our Tabcat. We have never used anything like this before, but we have a new kitten (well he's 8 months old now) and we wanted to take him to our holiday chalet in Wales. We have always taken our cats away with us and have never had any problems before, but Toby is not as street wise as our other cats so I did some research and decided that a Tabcat was a good option.


We had a fantastic holiday, the Tabcat worked brilliantly. Every time we wanted to find Toby, it tracked him down, and he even learned to recognise the beep and started to come home when he heard it. However one night we could only get a very slight signal on the hill behind out chalet. The signal didn't move, so I thought perhaps he had lost his collar in the bracken. We left it for a while but Toby still didn't come home and we started to get worried as it was getting dark, the Tabcat kept taking us back to the same point in the bracken. Finally I heard a faint miaow, I went in the direction of the mioaw and the tracker started to beep more, it took me off the path, up the hill, under a fallen tree, over a barbed wire fence into a wood, where I finally found Toby 30ft up in a fir tree totally stuck !! We tried everything to get him down, but there just nothing we could do. We ended up having to leave him there all night hoping he would find a way down. At 6am my husband went back up the hill and poor Toby was still stuck. Luckily someone managed to find a tree surgeon who climbed the tree and rescued him !! What a relief!! So thank you Tabcat, if Toby was not wearing your tab there is no way we would have found him. We were due to go home the next day, I really don't know what we would have done. If we are brave enough to take him there again, he will definitely be wearing his Tabcat !

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