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Pamela N

Our house has undeveloped lots around it, lots of thick brush and trees, too thick to walk through. Taz (aka "Buddy") frequently escapes our back yard, even though we have gone to great lengths to  keep him in. It can be dangerous for a cat in our area with coyotes, racoons,  and other safety issues. We decided to give the Tabcat a try, but we were skeptical. We thought it might just be another piece of electronic junk that doesn't work very well. WE WERE WRONG!  If we can't  find Taz in the backyard, we can use the Tabcat to quickly verify that he is not hiding somewhere in the house, and that he has escaped the backyard. The Tabcat quickly leads us directly to him if he is out in the open. If he is in the thick brush it gives us a good idea of  approximately where he is even though we can't see him or get to him easily.  He will eventually come to us if we keep calling in his direction. To sum up -  we highly recommend Tabcat. It has made a huge difference in our ability to find our cat when he escapes our yard. It's easy and simple to use,  and the remote device that stays on the cat is light, fits easily on a collar and does not seem to bother our cat when he is wearing it. Great product.

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