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Summer K

My boyfriend and I absolutely love our Tabcat and we recommend it to all of our friends and neighbors (we have quite a few cat children on our street).

We have tried multiple tracking devices over the years and Tabcat has worked the best, we couldn’t imagine life without it!  We have been able to locate our cats from multiple blocks away easily despite the number of houses in between.  It has has kept us from losing a few collars and the battery life is amazing, unparalleled to other trackers we have used.

Both of our cats learned quickly that when the homing device beeps on their collars, we are looking for them.  So, oftentimes, they will quickly come back to the house on their own.

My boyfriend even wants to attach the handset to his drone so we have a higher vantage point when searching (on those rare occasions they do not come back to the house when we are looking for them).  If we were to purchase another handset, would we be able to pair the homing devices to more than one handset?

We definitely sleep better with Tabcat, knowing our cats are just a button press away.

Thanks from all of us,

Chili, Monsieur Blanc, Summer and Rama

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