Sylvia B.

Tinker is a domestic short hair - moggie - not a pedigree.

He will be 12 years old in August this year.

Tinker by name and tinker by nature!!  Prowls his territory trying to keep off all and sundry - although he was neutered at six months old.  This is difficult as in the last twelve months two un-neutered cats have moved in next-door-but-one. They appear to gang up on him and he is always coming home with numerous scratches.  He tolerates my other cat -Pepper - a neutered male aged eight years.  Pepper does not go outside much.  Tinker is a lovable cat but likes to get his own way.and has me on a string.  He has often been a worry in the past with going missing for long periods of time. On Christmas Day 2013 he was missing overnight and until 7.30pm on Boxing Day evening - needless to say I was frantic with worry - more so as my female tabby cat went missing for good in 2012.  How I wish I had fitted her with a Tabcat.  Tinker is still as playful as a kitten.

After I wrote my last email to you I had to use the 'tracker' as he had been missing for over two hours.  He was traced hiding in a nearby outbuilding.  I could not see him as the building is full to the roof with junk, including old mattresses. There did not appear to be enough space for a cat to squeeze in.  At first I thought that his collar must have come off and fallen amongst the junk.  Eventually I spotted his white chin and eyes in a corner on top of one of the mattresses.  He did not come home for over another two hours.  I think that he had been chased there by the previously mentioned cats.  There is only a broken door on the building so it was a good hiding place!  Had I not been able to track him I would have been panicking with worry - so already it has been worth it.

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