Thank goodness for the Loc8tor

Peanut came to us as a kitten of about 10 weeks old but sadly was quite poorly and had to have lots of unpleasant medical intervention, which he didn't like.  This meant that as soon as he was old enough to go out, his return was never predictable.  After a couple of scares when he was gone for far too long I looked into tracking devices and found the Loc8tor Pet.  This little device, which I don't think is expensive, has been a lifesaver and on more than one occasion I've said 'Thank goodness for the Loc8tor'.  You soon get an idea of the area your cat patrols, so it's often not too hard to find them.  The other brilliant part is that the tracker beeps on his collar, so often that will be sufficient to make him come home because he knows I'm looking for him.  And of course, he knows he'll get some Dreamies as a reward for coming home!

I've now 'upgraded' to the TabCat which is brilliant too.

This little device has given me much peace of mind and I wouldn't be without it.  Thank you so much!

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