Thank you Tabcat!

Lester, the mayor of his hometown, was diagnosed in March 2016 with restrictive cardiomyopathy, a serious heart condition.   With RCM,  it is imperative that he receive his meds twice daily.  After returning from a lovely Canadian vacation (to a spot Lester loves), he went rogue and we couldn't find him to give him his morning meds.  To add to the stress, it was a very hot and humid day.  We used the Tabcat to find Lester hanging out in a drain pipe running under the intersection next to us.  We found Lester just before dark in the pipe, with the Tabcat guiding the way.

We lured Lester out with a bowl of water at the mouth of the pipe, and scooped him up to go home.  Without Tabcat, he wouldn't have survived the dehydration and lack of meds in the pipe.  Lester is now home with supervised outings with his parents.  We can rest easy with Tabcat monitoring our 3 boys.  Thank you Tabcat!

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