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Top 10 Strangest Cats in the World

Strange Cat Montage

There are approximately 8 million cats in the UK and a whopping 600 million cats in the world but none as strange and peculiar as the top 10 cats on this list.  Some are world record breakers and some are certainly just very different but all of them have had their claim to fame at one point or another.

Here is out top 10 of the strangest cats in the world:

10)  This chimera cat is named Venus and has two faces; orange on the left side with a blue eye and black on the right side with a green eye.  Doctors say it’s possible she has different DNA on each side of her face.  Venus has over 1.3m Facebook fans already.

Venus 2 faced cat

Source: Pinterest


9) This cat was born in Louisiana and named Sue Roux.  Hopping like a bunny rabbit, she has no front legs whatsoever but still maintains full mobility.  She has over 538,000 Instagram followers.

sue roux 2 legs only

Source: DailyMail


8) The famous Janus cat from Masachusetts is a cat with two heads and made its way into the Guinness Book of World Records.  Named Frank and Louie, the cat sadly passed away in 2014.


7)  Pauly, from Canada, was born with a total of 6 legs, an extra kidney and an extra testicle.  This was all caused from a conjoined twin.   Pauly is currently going through medical treatment to get his additions removed.

Pauly 6 legs cat

Source: Youtube


6)  Hamilton the hipster cat might just be the coolest cat with a handlebar moustache that rivals Jack Nicholson.  Hamilton already has a contract with Urban Outfitters and an incredible Instagram following of 761,000 followers.

Hamilton the hipster cat

Source: Facebook


5)  Garfield the cat is the world’s fattest cat weighing in at 40 pounds.  Garfield struggles to move because of the strain on his hips and now lives in a shelter where he is on a strict low-calorie diet.

Garfield fat cat

Source: Wikipedia


4)  The world’s smallest cat has been measured at just 5 inches tall.  From a small town in California, Pixel the munchkin cat can literally fit in the palm of your hand and is just half an inch taller than a can of coke.

Pixel the munchkin cat - worlds smallest cat

Source: Express


3)  Matilda was born an ordinary tabby cat on Valentine’s Day but by the age of 1 she developed abnormally gigantic eyes and is now known as Matilda the alien cat.

Matilda the alien cat

Source: Catster


2)  The oldest cat in the world is a domestic cat named Crème Puff.  According to the Guiness World Records the cat died in 2010 aged 38 years and 3 days which is more than double the life expectancy of most cats although cats in the wild may not live as long as 5 years.

creme puff oldest cat

Source: Wikipedia


1)  Scrappy the cat was born a black cat but since the age of 7 he has been turning white – some say he is the Michael Jackson of cats.  Despite the pigment in his skin turning colour, Scrappy is fit and healthy.

scrappy black and white cat

Source: Lovemeow

So there you have it – the top 10 strangest cats in the world.

It’s interesting to think that about 75% of the most popular cat breeds include the British/American shorthair, Siamese cat, Persian cat, Ragdoll, Maine coon, Bengal cat and Abyssinian cat and yet none of the most popular cat breeds are featured in this top 10 strange cat list.

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