Top Tips On Keeping Your Cat Fit 

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  1. Make sure your cat gets enough exercise – peak activity is early in the morning and in the evening.
  2. Increase play time – yes cats do love a good old play and toys such as a catnip or a laser pointer can give them hours of endless fun.
  3. Invest in toys that wiggle or move such as a ball – cats find these far more interesting
  4. Train you cat to return home using Tabcat – once familiar, they may even skip home.
  5. Don’t overfeed your cat – if they are looking plump, reduce their food intake.
  6. If you think your cat is overweight, visit your vet for expert advice
  7. Cats are carnivores – their bodies are designed to to process high protein and low carbs.  Feed them good quality chicken, beef or fish.
  8. Ensure their eating area is on a different floor to their sleeping area – this will encourage stair climbing.
  9. Keep the exercise and quality diet consistent – cats just as much as humans will benefit from a routine.
  10. Most importantly, have fun!
Top Tips On Keeping Your Cat Fit 
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Top Tips On Keeping Your Cat Fit 
Top 10 tips on how to keep your cat fit and healthy
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